Bollards provide protection in modern or classic style.

Role of the bollards is still undervalued. We want to point out that even as small components are an important part of the city.

They are small and we don't pay any attention, but thanks to them we can control the situation on the streets. We don't realize how helpful they are.


The role of bollards in the city.

Bollards often are placed in parkings, where they are used to separate berths from the sidewalk and the roadway. This is very important because drivers can easier park them vehicles safely

Our offer includes bollards made of stainless steel which are perfect for the distrists with modern buildings and other urban architecture. We also have decorative cast iron bollards that match to parks and other green areas.

Good design should fit perfectly into the environment.
We offer decorative iron bars, elegant and simple bars of stainless steel.
We have also connecting chains, to provide additional protection.
You can choose the versions with or without decoration.

We believe that every little element is an important part of the whole. We hope that our bars provide more security and control of the streets, parking lots and parks.