We offer classic and modern litter bins

We offer litter bins, recycling bins and bins for dog droppings.We produce litter bins for shopping center and school also.

Nn the market there are many different liytter bins, but when we talk about outdoor litter bins, extremely important is to choose solid materials. Many companies offer the nicely-looking garbage bins with an interesting design, but the stability of these baskets is not sufficient


Why litter bins deserve attention?

Litter bins like other objects of urban architecture also deserve our attention Firstly because sometimes we do not realize how important role they play in the cities. When we walk down the street, we walk past litter bins every few meters.

We seem aware of this, which is why we carefully select the appropriate objects to the surroundings. We also pay attention to weather conditions, so that the material of which it is litter bin made, was sustainable and robuste.

Wide range, different variants
For us the most important thing is that our bins stand out not only interesting design, but also we always make them resistant to weather conditions.
We have also solutions for recycling bins and dog droppings bins

We approach each project with attention and commitment. We try to make everything, even the smallest detail harmonized with the surroundings to create aesthetic unity.