Bicycle Zone

This is our passion! We enjoy every moment of work over a Bicycle Zone

Number of cyclists is still increasing. We are very pleased with this, because we love this kind of sport too.

With the increasing popularity of bikes, followed of course, the construction of cycling infrastructure. For cyclists ordinary bicycle rack is not enough now, they expect something more, so decided to take care of it.


What we can do?.

First, you need to take care of cycling infrastructure. This includes the racks, repair stations and the bikers rest. In our offer we have all these things. The latest project is a bicycle repair station Kangu, which has not only all the necessary repair tools, but also has a modern look too.

Everything you need to enjoy your cycling
Bikers rests is a very simple but very functional thing. It is still very few in cites. We will be trying to change that.
Comfortable bikers rest, various types of bicycle racks, and modern bicycle repair station.

If we will make the citys friendlier to cyclists, we will increase the number of bikers automatically. Wat would that effect? We contribute to a healthier society.