We love to design street furniture

Always go to meet new challenges

Design trends of urban architecture always follow any changes in the macro scale. This makes it possible to create stylistically coherent and harmonious elements of the public use.

Our work is not only the furniture and then selling them, because everything we create we treated as an art.

The architecture is something that we love. It's not just takeing a piece of paper, pencil and design something. Everything that comes out from our hands is carefully thought out, and each product has a specific purpose in the urban space. Our work is a challenge, something that motivates us to achieve the best results.

As we prepare for new projects? First of all, we analyze and explore customer needs and space with which we will work. This is a basic step to achieve the goal.

Then, when we have all the possible information about the project, our team together trying once again to analyze every aspect of the new challenge. Then we set the first version of the product, on the basis of which we created sketches,and then we formed the main project

Our team is constantly developing, is already working with people around the world, who appreciate our work and became our partners,



Where we get inspirations?

Inspiration comes from various sources, but the most powerful of them is always the imagination. We have many years of experience in the market, therefore it is sometimes easier for us to be even ahead of the upcoming trends.

Another good inspiration is the nature of course, which we believe is the best architect that mankind ever met. We are only its students. We trying to make our projects emphasized the character of the place in which they are.

One of the next important thing is also a good team, with collectively seek to achieve the best version of a particular idea. We try to inspire each other, which also brings us amazing results.

The last, one of the biggest inspirations for us are the people whom we work with. Sometimes we meet people who give us a completely different perspective on what we do, enriching our work and the next ideas.

Our goals for future

What future awaits us? according research, over the next 25 years, every ninth child will be liveing in the metropolis. This fact will affect the growth of urbanization and air pollutions

What then will be the most important for the citizens and what they need most? Of course, green areas. Our architects are aware of the growing importance of greenery in urban space.

Our task is not only to provide products for new space but also the common struggle for the welfare of the environment. We want to participate in the creation of the city that will be friendly and healthy for its inhabitants.

The future brings with it many challenges but also new solutions and technologies, that we hope will improve the comfort of our lifes.