Planters, as a good alternative to urban plants

We offer simple and elegant flower planters, with different sizes and shapes

In highly urbanized areas, which are citys today, it is very difficult for the cultivation and planting.


How can we take care of city plants?

City soil is highly contaminated so very often there is no possibility of planting new crops. This does not mean that we should completely abandon the greenery in the city. In this case, planters are ideal solutions. They give us not only the satisfaction of more greenery in the city, but also its modern design gives a new character to the city.

Elegant and modern planters.
We should always be aware of the proper selection of the planter when the plant has already reached its height.
We offer street furniture planters, mdern street planters, elegant city planters, exterior planters and also outdoor planters.

Our planters are made from metal, stainless steel, concrete, and carbon steel.