We create outdoor, park and city benches.

We offer a wide range of benches, seats and modular solutions. We offer a wide range of benches, seats and modular solutions, we also offer we have classic and modern benches.

Our benches are characterized above all diversity, so we can meet the needs of all customers. When we selecting materials we also pay attention to the weather conditions, in with our bench will be.


Classic or modern benches?.

This is the main question that arises when you have to choose the right bench. Everything depends on space in which we place it. Maybe it will be in classic and another time in modern style.

In urban districts with historical character, we propose bench in retro style that perfectly highlight these places. Benches in retro style are made of cast iron. This material goes well in the traditional old style. Benches from stainless steel are simple and elegant, also fit into places in this style.

We are proud to present you the FLASH line
Park, city, shopping mall. All of these places require a different approach from the designer. There's no needs to always stick to the agreed principles, good design can be verified both, in the park and in the city.
Our latest projects are characterized by a new approach to design.

Our benches for years meet the expectations of the most demanding customers. Our guiding themes are always; good materials, interesting design and comfort of useing.